Your thoughts on the teacher strike?

With the start of a new school year, we find ourselves, those who live in the Province of Ontario, with yet another Teacher Contract Dispute.

It seems like the Teacher disputes, contracts and strikes are a yearly occurrence.

Teachers continuously claim that all they want is a “fair contract”.

From a Tutoring perspective, we here at LearnOn both benefit as well as suffer from a teacher strike.  Some parents find the need to add more in home tutoring for their children, in order to make up for what they are lacking in school.  But there is also a large amount of parents that let schooling go to the back burner, and figure things will pick up, when school picks up.  So we see a little from both worlds.

Here is the latest on the teacher dispute:

But nobody has asked YOU, the parents…  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

We have opened up comments, please take the time to start a discussion.   Give us your thoughts and opinions on what you think of this teacher dispute we are currently dealing with.