Why Does Tutoring Work

Why does tutoring work? 

Tutoring works because the tutor provides timely, relevant, clearly explained help that is targeted to the student’s specific needs. Free from interruptions, peer pressure, and fear of failure, tutoring creates an environment completely conducive to learning. Tutoring is part of non-formal education and includes various forms of institutionalised learning support and support outside regular education and usually outside of school. It can include homework support as well as targeted preparation for class work, performance tests or final exams. Individual or private lessons, often online, more effective learning progress is made, especially when the knowledge gap is very large and the subject to be treated, such as math, is sometimes very difficult. 

Around 20 per cent of all students require additional tutoring after school. The reasons why tutoring is necessary in the first place vary widely and depend on the individual. The general increasing pressure to perform on school pupils leaves many parents no choice but to invest in tutoring in order to help their offspring to get better grades. Alternatively, Tutoring can be for students who are wanting to advance themselves, qualify for scholarships, or explore new topics. 

If you are interested in improving your grades or want to learn how to study, apply for online tutoring right now!

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