Terms & Conditions

LearnOn! Terms and Conditions

Usage of this site and any services provided by LearnOn! Tutoring (www.LearnOn.ca) is subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

LearnOn! uses straightforward policies and expects both our clients and our tutors to follow these policies at all times. These policies were designed in order to satisfy all parties involved with LearnOn!

By using LearnOn! Tutoring Services as well as www.LearnOn.ca you are agreeing to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

Client Policies

By using LearnOn! Tutoring, the website, the services offered by the company or coming in contact with any tutors provided by LearnOn! Tutoring, students/clients agree to the following:

  1. You certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you are the legal guardian of the child/children being registered.
  2. If you are not over 18, you MUST have parental permission to sign up for LearnOn! Tutoring.
  3. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed a minimum of 1 hour/session.
  4. Appointments changed to another day can however waive this minimum fee.
  5. You are billed at the end of every month for all hours/sessions completed throughout the calendar month. Payment is expected within 7 days.
  6. Invoices more than 1 month late will have a $20/month late fee applied for every month that it is late.
  7. Tutoring sessions are 90 minutes and you will be billed for a minimum 90 minutes, anything over that is billed at a fraction of the rate. (AS OF Sept 2014, minimum billing is 60 minutes)
  8. We do NOT offer a money back, first class free, “demo” or “trial” session offer.
  9. There are NO REFUNDS or partial refunds on pre-purchased packages. We will keep changing tutors until you are happy with one.
  10. Tutoring sessions are arranged directly with the LearnOn! office, tutors and clients are not to have ANY contact with each other outside of the prearranged sessions, unless given permission by the office.
  11. If you arrange a tutoring session with LearnOn! and fail to appear or be available for the scheduled appointment you will be liable for 1 session of payment.
  12. We offer in-home tutoring, however should a tutor, for any reason feel uncomfortable or unsafe at your home he/she can choose to stop going at his/her discretion.
  13. Students under the age of 16 should not be left at home alone with the tutor, this is a precautionary measure that should be taken to avoid any possible disputes.
  14. Tutoring sessions are paid to LearnOn! and are not to be made to the tutors, we compensate the tutors under already set agreements (please contact us for specific instructions).
  15. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE (real or imagined), WHICH OCCURS TO A PERSON OR PROPERTY AS A RESULT OR AS A PERCEIVED RESULT OF TUTORING SESSIONS PROVIDED BY LearnOn! By entering into a tutoring agreement with LearnOn! you accept that LearnOn! is not responsible for any damage, loss, theft, or bodily harm that may arise from tutoring sessions arranged with LearnOn! We provide tutors that are trustworthy and responsible, we do checks on them, check with references and take all the precautionary means that are available to us however any issue that arises with an individual tutor must be taken up directly with the tutor and is separate in its entirety from LearnOn!
  17. LearnOn! strives to provide you with the best available tutors and the best academic help possible. We want to help you understand the basics as well as prepare you for exams, however LearnOn! nor any individual tutor will be held accountable or responsible for the academic success or lack thereof demonstrated by the student/client, however we will do everything in our power to help grades/skills improve.
  18. YOU the client AGREE that you will NOT solicit any tutor who is assigned to you by LearnOn tutoring for any direct private tutoring services.
  19. YOU the client AGREE that you will NOT make direct payment to any tutor and “skip” over LearnOn! Tutoring.
  20. If you the client breaks the agreement and makes a direct deal with a tutor assigned to you by LearnOn! Tutoring you are financially liable to LearnOn! Tutoring for all the sessions obtained privately from the tutor. You the client are financially responsible for all legal, collection and court costs that LearnOn! Tutoring incurs in order to enforce this agreement, that includes all lost revenues from paying the tutor directly, soliciting the tutors services privately and skipping over LearnOn! Tutoring.

LearnOn! strives to provide you with the best available tutors and the best academic help possible. We want to help you understand the basics as well as prepare you for exams, however LearnOn! nor any individual tutor will be held accountable or responsible for the academic success or lack thereof demonstrated by the student/client, however we will do everything in our power to help grades/skills improve. LearnOn! is NOT endorsed, affiliated or sponsored in any way by schools, school boards or teachers.

Tutor Policies

By using the LearnOn! website, the LearnOn! system and tutoring students through LearnOn!, tutors agree to the following:

By becoming a LearnOn! tutor you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

The term “I” will hereby refer to “the tutor”.

  1. The terms and/or conditions in this agreement can not and will not be interpreted for any reason as the establishment of an employer/employee relationship. I understand that as an independent contractor, I will not be an employee of LearnOn! Tutoring and will not be entitled to participate in or to receive any benefits or rights from LearnOn! Tutoring’s employment benefits or welfare plans including but not limited to any pension plans, health plans, disability insurance, and workers compensation insurance.
  2. I must refuse direct payment by the student, their parents or guardians, LearnOn! will pay me for the tutoring services that I provide.
  3. I am responsible for behaving in a professional manner at all times and will be held personally accountable for any inappropriate, illegal or questionable behavior.
  4. LearnOn! is not liable for any damages, which occur to my person or property as a result of LearnOn! tutoring sessions, and I absolve LearnOn! of any liability by entering into this agreement.
  5. I understand that all company and client information is strictly confidential and distribution is strictly prohibited.
  6. I understand that in order for parents and students to feel comfortable having me in their home I must follow a certain code of conduct. This includes being prepared, being on time, being polite and personable, and arriving properly dressed.
  7. I am responsible for submitting my tutoring hours online accurately by the end of each calendar month using the LearnOn! online logging system, this is how I invoice LearnOn! for the services I have provided. I am also responsible for responding to all LearnOn! administration calls/emails pertaining to my students within 24 hours.
  8. LearnOn! tutors are prohibited to make direct tutoring arrangements with LearnOn! clients while being under contract with LearnOn! and for a period of two (2) years after contract is terminated.
  9. I agree that students, client, referrals and leads to prospective students belong to LearnOn! Tutoring. I agree that any breach of this provision may be considered theft of property and may result in legal action against me, and regardless of the outcome, I will reimburse LearnOn! Tutoring for all legal and administrative expenses incurred by LearnOn! Tutoring.
  10. I may be presented at any time with a “mystery client” commissioned by LearnOn! to verify that I am complying with the Tutor Agreement.
  11. I will be paid during the second half of the calendar month following the month in which I provided my service. My fee will be based on the tutor posting or the amount agreed upon with LearnOn! for that particular session.
  12. I understand that I will not be paid if I signed up for a session that I was not prepared for nor had sufficient knowledge to conduct and therefore was not done to the satisfaction of the student.
  13. LearnOn! Tutoring shall not be liable for any expenses paid or incurred by myself unless otherwise agreed to ahead of time in writing.
  14. I have no authority to enter into contracts or agreement on behalf of LearnOn! Tutoring.
  15. I represent that I am in good mental and physical health and free from communicable diseases. If at any time, the state of my health may harm that of any LearnOn! Tutoring’s clients, I must report such change to LearnOn! Tutoring.
  16. I certify that I do not have a criminal record and I have never been convicted of any crime.
  17. I certify that I have NEVER been charged with any sex-related or child abuse related offences and herby authorize LearnOn! Tutoring to run a background check on me with whatever authorities Learn On! Tutoring deems convenient, including but not limited to criminal records.
  18. I absolve LearnOn! Tutoring for liability, actions or claims for any damages, in all areas of law, including but not limited to criminal, tort, contract, property and others.
  19. I will refuse to be left unaccompanied with any student under the age of 16. I agree to indemnify and hold LearnOn! Tutoring harmless from any losses, liabilities damages, expenses, claims, and/or from failure to abide by any Federal, State/Provincial or Local law relating to my services.
  20. I understand that as an independent contractor no income tax, payroll tax or any form of government payments will be withheld or paid by LearnOn! Tutoring on behalf of me and therefore I am responsible for reporting my earnings and I am responsible for any income tax that must be paid.
  21. I am liable for all costs, expenses and expenditures including, and without limitation, the complete legal costs incurred by LearnOn! in enforcing this agreement as a result of any default of this Agreement by the tutor.

You (the tutor) understand that stealing student or clients, tutoring and not reporting hours, or receiving payment directly from students/parents is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action being taken against me. I also agree that if legal action is taken due to this breach in policy that I will be responsible for reimbursement of legal charges, incurred by LearnOn! Tutoring. This includes all expenses for all legal proceedings related to the charges and any and all attempts to collect a debt.

You (the tutor)have carefully read, and fully understand all of the above Terms & Conditions.


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