Preventing Distractions while Studying

        Many of us know how tempting it can be having our phones sitting anywhere when we try to read, pay attention in class, or even while walking anywhere. The constant pull you feel toward your phone can interfere greatly with engraving crucial schoolwork into your head, and makes it harder to recall general school knowledge. As the norm across many social media platforms is a new video being shown, it makes it very hard for our brain to actually hold onto important information, such as math or science knowledge.

Limiting distractions while learning can be tough for many, however if mastered, the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. To help, here are 3 ways you can remain studying effectively and without distraction.


1: Put your phone in another room. 

Having it near you or even around the room you’re in can be very tempting. The need to pull your phone out after every problem you finish and scroll for 5-10 mins, then get back to your homework is very distracting and results in your performance in that subject to be diminished. Take your phone, and put it in another room, and silence it as well. 


2: Ask a family member to hold on to it until you’re finished. 

This takes discipline, as consciously asking another person to take away your entertainment, and then go and do something you don’t particularly like, is uncomfortable. However, once you get the ball rolling and have started working, you’ll realize you cannot have your phone, as you agreed to not use it until you’re done working. As a bonus, whenever you do finish your schoolwork, you’ll feel much more at ease knowing you worked first, then played.


3: ONLY use it during breaks.

Working for hours on end can be a very inefficient way to work for some people, as it can cause burnout and stress. Taking a 5-10 min break between every hour of work is a great way to come back to your work, and not have it feel so overbearing. However, you do not want to get carried away on your phone for these 5-10 mins. Get some food, drink plenty of water, and relax for a few mins. But remember, when it’s time to go back to work, you must follow your routine, and put the phone down. Remember it’s not going anywhere, and after another hour of productive, efficient work, you’ll get some more time on it.

These are some ways to help you not revolve around your phone when its time to put your head down and work. In 2022, phones are everywhere, and the ability to put your phone down and not be attached to it every second of the day is quite impressive now, and can greatly assist you in productivity and focus as well.


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