Our Recommended Study Habits

Those who have waited until last night to study for a big math test, are well aware of the
aftermath, and typically aren’t too happy.
Especially coming out of quarantine, many people’s study habits have fallen apart, and getting
those study habits back on track can be overwhelming at times.
LearnOn’s online tutoring service describes excellent methods to manage studying habits that
are effective and straightforward.
Set a false due date
If you’re somebody who struggles with due dates and having a finished product by the deadline,
setting the deadline to something shortly earlier allows you to use those days afterwards to
polish and perfect. Whether it be online learning/tutoring, history projects, or english essays,
giving yourself the extra time to revise your work keeps weight off your shoulders and keeps you
Online tutoring (recommended)
LearnOn’s online tutoring service enables you to keep consistent and allows for convenient
learning. The ability to ask questions to another person as well as your teacher is a great way to
remain up to speed.
If you are interested in improving your grades or want to learn how to study, apply for online tutoring
right now!

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