Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

This year has brought its set of challenges and innovations.  In the past people were hesitant to try online tutoring.  This year we have had to adapt and innovate.  We still offer 1 on 1, in home, in PERSON tutoring.  If you would like to have a tutor in your home, we can make that happen!

But if you prefer an online session, we can do that as well.  There are benefits to online tutoring of course.  And right now the biggest benefit is convenience.  Scheduling in home tutoring can be harder, with traffic, schedules and other activities going on,  it is much easier to get an online session going.  Which gives you a sense of “on demand” tutoring.  Almost like Netflix.

Online tutoring delivers the same high-quality experience you’d expect from LearnOn! Tutoring but with a number of additional benefits.

You are able to record the tutoring session.  And the student can go over the lesson, or the Q&A’s asked over and over again.  This helps students retain information and refresh their memory before that vital exam. This is especially beneficial for students getting help with math and science, where the tutor is going over difficult problems and tests questions.  Being able to record the lesson is priceless, and one of the major reasons for choosing online tutoring over offline tutoring.

Location is no longer a barrier. No matter where you live, we can find the perfect tutor for your child. Once you’ve found that tutor, you can stick with them, wherever you are and wherever they are. There’s no risk of tutoring being interrupted by bad-weather, accidents or vacations (unless you want it to be).

Online tutoring can make your life easier. We know your schedules are hectic and finding an hour or two in the week to fit tutoring in can be a real challenge. Moving online opens up more time slots and means tutoring can happen from anywhere with a decent internet connection. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning the house before the tutor comes around!

Why should you choose LearnOn Tutoring for Online Tutoring?

Because we always go the extra mile.  Because we are working very hard to adapt to the current challenges, and we have come up with a way to bring all the help to you.  And no matter what happens with the school year, cancelled, postponed, paused, re-started, we will keep working hard to make sure your child stays on top of their school work.

We have also come up with an options to combine both Online Tutoring with In Person tutoring.  As a way to bring the best of both worlds, so you can switch back and forth at your convenience.

Online Tutoring also allows us to schedule you in faster, and bring the best tutors to Rural Areas, where we wouldn’t have been able to service you previously.




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