Tutoring Reviews

Today’s rant of the day… or Vanity Card of the day will talk about “website reviews”.

We are all guilty of looking online for reviews of the companies or products we plan on consuming.

Example:    “LearnOn! Tutoring reviews”,  or “tutoring company reviews”,  or “best tutoring companies in the GTA” or “best tutoring companies in Ottawa”

But really what is an online review?  And who writes these reviews.

Food for thoughts:

1.  The people who take the time to write a review are for the most part disgruntled customers.  We don’t often see someone who is genuinely happy with a product go and write about it.  It is the person who had a horrible experience who feels the need to express it.

Lesson here is:   don’t take a few bad reviews, to write a company or product off

2.  Often competitors write bad reviews about a company in an effort to make them look bad.

Lesson here is:   anyone can write anything online,  which doesn’t make it true.  People lie.

3.  There are a few legitimate websites for reviews,  Google and Yelp.   But for the most part you still have to be careful,  refer to point #1, for the most part only unhappy people post comments in a way to vent, so you don’t know what % that 1 unhappy person represents.  A company could have 7 bad reviews, but have 5,000 happy clients that didn’t post anything.   Like a hockey goaltender, what is the save %?  A goalie can let in 4 shots, but if he faced 65 shots… that’s not a bad night.

A word about Yelp.  I learned this when I went to review a terrible spa I visited last year.  See I was unhappy and needed to go vent.  So I was told Yelp was a good way, because people actually have accounts on Yelp who make it a hobby out of reviewing establishments, but post both good and bad, it’s their hobby to review, so it isn’t just about only bashing.  Anyways what I learned about Yelp was that…. ta da…. Yelp filters reviews.  The first handful of Reviews you see on a company review page, are chosen by Yelp, and they are the ones used to create that “star” rating.  4 out of 5 starts based on 7 reviews.  As I was reading about this spa, I thought to myself, no way are these a reflection, there has to be other super unhappy people, because this place was horrible.  So I scrolled down, and I found hidden the following link  “142 other reviews that are not currently recommended“,  I clicked on that and VOILA!!  I found 142 real and honest reviews that the “Yelp formula” didn’t want me seeing.  So the “trusted” Yelp system, can not be trusted either, because they are censoring for no reason.

The lesson here is to be very careful about reviews.  Good and Bad.  As with new people, and new friends, any new products or companies, you should really judge on your own.

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