Grade 12 Data Management…?

MDM4U – Grade 12 Data Management is a course offered in Ontario since the new curriculum started in 2003. It is essentially the course that replaced the old GRADE 12 FINITE math.

Peoples views on this course are mixed, some say it’s easy and some says it’s the most difficult of the 4U maths, then again I don’t believe in difficulty because it’s subjective and it comes down to the individual. I have friends who are good in Calc but flop when it comes to Stats & Probability based stuff, because the concepts can be theoretical at times.

This course is the most practical of the maths. It is the one with more real life usable math concepts. Questions like “what are the odds I will win the lottery”, “how many combination of coins do I need to have”, “how many color combinations are possible”, “what is the probability and event will happen” etc etc.

Grade 12 Data Management can be seen as the most easy, and enjoyable math. It does require logic and pattern skills. And it is a lot less abstract than Calculus or Advanced Functions.

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