Finance Lessons for Kids!

Kids need to learn about money. We are more than happy to offer tutoring sessions about personal finance. Parents don’t often think about teaching kid about finance. But it is imperative that students start learning about money from an early age, and that these lessons encompass more as they grow older.

We often see people in their 20’s and 30’s, and even older who are oblivious about how finances work, how money works, how the economy works, how credit cards and interest rates work.

Finance lessons start at home. Your kids will only be as financially literate as you make them.

Make sure to teach your kids about money, credit cards, bank loans, lines o credit, student loans, over pending, saving, TFSA account, RRSPs, How to do your taxes, how to save up, how to invest…. Start slow and small and grow the lessons as the kids grow.

McGill University have teamed up with RBC to launch a FREE online course that anyone can take that covers the basic blocks of personal finance. Check it out below.

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