Grade 12 Data Management Notes and Tips (tutoring Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Markham, Toronto)

Lets take a moment to clarify what the Grade 12 Data Management course (MDM4U) is all about because there seems to be a lot of confusion.

The Grade 12 Data Management course is only offered in Ontario.  And was introduced when the new curriculum came out in 2003.

For those familiar with the old curriculum,  which would be pretty possibly parents of kids now in high school, but maybe not quite.   This course would be the equivalent of the OAC Finite Math, that was a Grade 13 (OAC) course.

They are essentially the same course.  It is an introduction to statistics.

For some reason a lot of students seem to have a lot of trouble with Grade 12 Data Management, when in fact it is the most fun of all the math classes.  It is the one that pertains the most to the real world, and can be applied to every day stuff.  Like for example, how many lottery tickets would you need to buy to guarantee you won the lottery.

The concepts covered in Gr 12 Data Management are:

Tools for Data Management
Collecting Data
Statistics of One Variable
Statistics of Two Variables
The Normal Distribution

You can find useful study notes here:

STUDY TIP:   If you have an older sibling who is already in university, it will be very helpful to flip through their 1st year statistics textbook and class notes.  A lot of the concepts covered in your class will be covered there and you can see a different way to break it down.   It would also be helpful to Google ‘introduction to statistics”  class notes.  A lot of universities in the US and Canada have them online, and you can flip through lecture notes and learn a lot.   The concepts are all the same.

For all of you who tell your teacher   “when will I ever use this in life”…. you will use Grade 12 Data Management,  if not use it, at least need it to understand a lot of what goes on around you,  from sports scores, and sports bets, to gambling and casino games, to government statistics about any study you could read about in the news.   This stuff is interesting and practical knowledge.

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