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the updates keep coming!!

We are more than halfway through our website upgrades and updates!!  This is exciting! Today the following tutoring websites upgrades were completed: www.DaytonTutoringColumbus.com www.Cleveland-Tutoring.com www.TutoringEdmonton.com www.TutoringGuelph.com www.LearnOn.us www.LearnOnTutoring.com www.TutoringMarkham.com www.Mississauga-Tutoring.com We should be done by tomorrow, and we can proceed to even more back end upgrades as we work harder and harder daily to meet […]

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website updates… more coming!

It gets so busy here at LearnOn! Tutoring that we often find ourselves falling behind on our website upkeep!! Our company is made up of a network of websites that serve each of the local communities where we offer 1 on 1 tutoring right into your home.   Each individual website tries to answer your questions, […]

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Your thoughts on the teacher strike?

With the start of a new school year, we find ourselves, those who live in the Province of Ontario, with yet another Teacher Contract Dispute. It seems like the Teacher disputes, contracts and strikes are a yearly occurrence. Teachers continuously claim that all they want is a “fair contract”. From a Tutoring perspective, we here […]

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